Top 4 Comedy Clubs in the United States

Before many famous comedians were on television, in movies, and touring the world, they made their comedic debut at a comedy club. Comedy clubs are training ground for new comedians. They also serve as a place for popular comedians to return to their roots. In order to get an idea of what comedy clubs are like, we have created a list of the top four comedy clubs in the United States.

1) Denver Comedy Works

Denver Comedy Works

The first comedy club on our list is Denver Comedy Works. Denver Comedy Works has two locations, Downtown and South. The more popular location is Downtown Denver Comedy Works. This location is the original, and was named one of the Top Five Comedy Clubs in the country by USA Today. Founded in 1981, this comedy club attracts many of the country's most popular comedians, such as; Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Dave Chappelle, and Jamie Foxx. Aside from being a hotspot for popular comedians, this location is perfect for local developing acts.

2) The Punch Line

The Punch Line

The second comedy club on our list is the Punch Line. The Punch Line has two locations, one in San Francisco, and one in Sacramento. For the sake of this list, we are going to focus on the San Francisco location. Founded over 38 years ago, the Punch Line is San Francisco's longest running comedy club. This comedy club has been the original playing ground for many famous comedians, most notably; Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and Ellen Degeneres. Today, this famous comedy club still frequently hosts popular comedians. The special thing about this comedy club, is it is extremely intimate. Thus, you can watch your favorite stand-up comedian up close.

3) Carolines on Broadway

Carolines on Broadway

The next comedy club on our list is the Carolines on Broadway. Located in New York, New York, the Carolines on Broadway is New York City's premier stand-up comedy nightclub. Founded in 1982, the Carolines on Broadway was originally located in Chelsea. In that location, legendary comedians, such as, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, and Rosie O'Donnell received tremendous success. Then, in 1992 the owner Caroline Hirsch decided that the Carolines on Broadway needed a larger space, so they moved to their current location in the heart of Times Square. Today, the Carolines on Broadway hosts critically acclaimed comedians, as well as newer comedians, on a daily basis. Their 300 seat venue allows locals and tourists to enjoy stand-up performances from the following frequent headlining comedians; Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Joel McHale, and Kathy Griffin.

4) Gotham Comedy Club

Gotham Comedy Club

Finally, the last comedy club on our list is the Gotham Comedy Club. Founded in 1996, the Gotham Comedy Club quickly became a popular comedy club, which also became a setting for many shows and movies, most notably the pilot of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Nine years after the Gotham Comedy Club opened, it moved to a new 10,000 square foot flagship location. This new location is next to the infamous Chelsea Hotel. Using inspiration from the neighboring Chelsea Hotel, the Gotham Comedy Club revamped its appeal, and created an Art Deco inspired interior. Currently, you can watch up and coming comedians, as well as extremely popular comedians at this infamous comedy club.